If every blog post I wrote in my head actually ended up here, I would be an incredibly prolific blogger! Unfortunately the great idea I hash out while I’m in the shower or driving to school is gone by the time I’m anywhere near my computer. The desire is there, but I’m not taking the time to sit down and pound it out. 

Teri Lesense (Professor Nana) has developed a great habit of writing mini blog posts. This is a great example for me. Instead of thinking, oh, I need to write out this idea, but writing takes time, and I have all this school work to do (my usual excuse) so I can’t right now, I need to write mini blog posts to get into the habit of blogging. 

Fortunately for me, WordPress has a wonderful mobile app. I really have no excuse for not throwing out nuggets as they come to mind. Quick Writes of blogging.