I have gone back and forth about whether or not I should use my old general blog (Ars Longa-Vita Brevis) or start a new blog. Honestly, after wrestling with the other blog for a bit, I decided it would be easier to start fresh. I also have a book blog here on WordPress.com: Stotz’s Stacks. I’ve been notoriously bad at blogging and am trying to improve.

Education reform is something that I am becoming passionate about and is a key focus of my current learning, so I wanted a place to process that learning and the steps I’m taking with my school.

I was hired by Windham Christian Academy in Windham, Maine, in the spring of 2011. The school leaders were at a cross-roads with the high school: close it or revitalize it. I wanted to move back to Maine to be near my family. They asked me to take over the high school. The school is a small, rural, independent, faith-based school. This gives me many freedoms and many challenges.



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