Boothbay Literacy Retreat 2015 Reflections

It almost seems like a dream, except I have a stack of books, 33 pages of notes and writing, several photos, and a head full of ideas for teaching to convince myself that I really did spend 3 days in Boothbay at the 2015 Heinemann Boothbay Literacy Retreat.

By night we heard distinguished speakers Lester Laminack, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Chris Crutcher share their stories, their writing, and their passion for literacy. By day the retreat faculty (Kylene Beers, Bob Probst, Penny Kittle, Linda Rief, and Teri Lesesne) and the distinguished speakers gifted us with their experience, their wisdom, and their passion for literacy. (Oh, and Heinemann gifted us with books!)

A theme running through the week was “empowering kids”. This was introduced by Kylene as she led us through a brief history of literacy and how it has changed and then took us through an activity that helped us identify what issues are keeping our kids from accomplishing all that we want them to accomplish. The outcome of that activity revealed that many of us are focusing on the things we have no control over and Kylene encouraged us to focus on what we can control.



Lester Laminack picked up the idea of empowering kids as he shared his own experience in beginning literacy and bridged into the importance of reading aloud and letting people just sit with the story and live in it (close the book and shut up)! Of course, he read aloud to us! (Honestly, I would listen to Lester Laminack read a grocery list. The man is gifted!)


Every time I page through my notes, something else jumps out at me. I’m going to try to work through my notes and write about my experience and my learning in a somewhat organized manner. As I write about one thing, it brings to mind something else, and I wonder how to stitch it all together! There are the evening distinguished speakers, the morning writing sessions with Linda Rief, the strategies from Kylene and Bob, the collaborative project, the “speed dating”, the one on one conversations with Linda Rief and Chris Crutcher, and the books. This is an experience that will have a long-lasting impact on me as a writer, a reader, and a literacy teacher!


3 thoughts on “Boothbay Literacy Retreat 2015 Reflections

  1. Nat, you wrote, “The outcome of that activity revealed that many of us are focusing on the things we have no control over and Kylene encouraged us to focus on what we can control.”

    I’m curious– what are those things that we tend to focus on that we have no control over?

    I saw Kylene and Bob present at CEL last year and it was heavenly! Do you attend the Boothbay retreat every year? It looks like an event I should add to my calendar!!!!



    • This was my first time and I was only able to attend because of the generosity of author Cynthia Lord. I do hope to attend again in the future, and yes, you should put this on your calendar!

      I think I’ll write a separate post explaining the activity…it was very valuable!


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