Let’s Get This Summer Started!

In just a little bit I will head over to my hometown to speak at a Ladies’ Retreat for a local church. My topic for my two session is “Authentic Faith”. This is something I’ve been doing quite a bit of study and thinking on, but not much writing on, at least not here on this blog which bares “Authentic Faith” as part of it’s tag line.

The retreat is Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. I’ll return home, repack my suitcase, and head to Boothbay Harbor for the Boothbay Literacy Retreat…an event that I am so excited to participate in! These two events are kicking off a summer of professional development for me. In July I fly to Seattle for ECET2. In August I attend a local ECET2 event in Waterville and then MooseCampPBE in Dexter.

Lots of learning and hopefully a lot more writing!


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