Reflection by K.T.

The past week some of us who attend WCA stayed in Maine and helped at a homeless shelter, a VNA home, and more. I would also like to point out that I almost got married. So since you might be wondering why a 15-year-old almost got married, I’ll start with that. Some of the students from WCA went and volunteered at a homeless shelter. It was very fun for me as I like to connect with the homeless people and give them hope and a smile. Well I was there a man around 20 or so had clearly just moved here from a different country. He was volunteering too. Well we were preparing food and such he came over and randomly offered me a chocolate bar. I later come to find out that in his country that was their way of asking for a lady’s hand in marriage. Thank goodness I said no when he offered. But we all have that one friend who would take it right ?? Well Brandon almost took it from the man. What did I learn from that you might ask? To never take candy from foreign guys. I love serving at homeless shelters. I can connect with them and it’s a gift from God that I truly know was given to me. I also want to a nursing home and got the chance to talk with Delmore. A 90-year-old man who served in world war 2 has been married 50 years and has kids of his own. I got to talk about God with him and I know I planted a seed that will hopefully grow. I enjoyed the most being able to spend time with my classmates and get to know them better.


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