D.C. Trip Reflection by K.W.


On the high school trip to Washington D.C. , we saw some amazing things. We actually got to see the things we’ve been learning about in books since elementary school. We saw the Capitol Building, went to the Smithsonian’s, visited the Marine Corps Museum, went to the Lincoln Memorial and various other important places for our country. Being there was truly a great experience.

In the Capitol Building, we toured around and saw amazing architecture and saw where the senate used to meet. Also we got to see where many presidents and various other leaders from our country sat and made the decisions that built our country to what it is today. Another things we saw, was the famous artwork and statues of people and events happening in our nation’s history. Although our feet were sore, that didn’t take away from seeing all the historic pieces.

Also on our trip to our country’s Capital, we visited two of our country’s Smithsonians. The Natural History Museum and the American History Museum. These both were cool things to walk through and see and help understand our country and the things in it better. The artifacts and models of old animals that exist and used to exist were cool to see.

On the last day we were in Washington D.C. , we got to go through various simulations and see many different items that were included in many of the battles that were fought by our nation’s men and women. We also got to see the planes, tanks, and tons of rifles that were used and they still use. It gives you a different kind of respect for our war veterans.

Also on our final day in Washington D.C. , we visited the Lincoln Memorial. Even though this place was amazing to see after years of seeing it in movies like Night at the Museum, most of my time was spent taking selfies with Allison and Abe. But, he really is amazing to see in person like that.

Overall, it’s difficult to put into words the places we visited. The ones I mentioned were just a couple out of all the different places we go to go to and experience. Personally, I think hearing about the different monuments and buildings doesn’t justify how it is to actually go and see everything D.C. has to offer.


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