Washington, D.C. Reflection by S.S.

The places we went to in D.C. were really enjoyable and exciting. We started out the first day in D.C. by going to the American and Natural History museums. The museums were really nice and interesting. I found the American history museum to not be completely enjoyable, but seeing all the stuff that went on in the past helped to reassure me that the time I’m living in now is all because of the men and women who gave their lives for this country. With the natural history museum, I found all the artefacts, animals, and amount of objects in the building sheerly amazing and enjoyable. Seeing everything in the past as well as present together in these museums is great!

Another amazing place we went to was the Arlington National Cemetery. The fact of seeing all the graves and memorials there was very humbling. My favourite section of the cemetery was the changing of the guards. I got to see the changing of the guards right up close and seeing it done in person gave me the feeling of security. Knowing that our troops take that much care and attention to just one tomb makes me wonder and think of how much care and attention they put into our country.

Being able to go to such places like the American and Natural History museum, Arlington National Cemetery, the Holocaust museum, Mount Vernon, the Marine Corps museum and many other places has changed me as a person and how I view some of History and how I see my country. Going on this trip was a huge privilege and blessing in many ways.

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