The Dash- DC Reflection by A.H.


Every morning into DC, our tour guide Mary chose a student to read a poem. The Dash Poem speaks about how it is up to you on how you live your life. In the end, will you be proud? Or will you be ashamed of how you lived the life that our Creator gave you the privilege to have. Click on the link where you will find the poem we heard on the bus one morning.

“The Dash” by Linda Ellis

This poem has inspired me to live life to the fullest. It sounds cliche, we hear it all the time, but after hearing The Dash Poem, there are dreams and goals I have. This poem asks, how will you being spending your dash? Well, I may be young, but 15 year old me has dreams. One thing I got out of the entire trip was the renewed decision of attending college. Mary said going to college will teach you to think. She is totally right about that. Once I graduate high school I would love to go into the medical field where I can save lives. It’s not even about the money I will be making, it’s the gratification of helping people. That is where my heart currently stands. We hear all these terrible things happening across the globe and I just want to make a difference, whether it being in another country, state or my home state. I’ve always known that my dreams were in that direction but going to DC solidified it. I will be spending my high school dash learning more about His character. As a freshman in highschool, I am already beyond excited for my college dash. I’m hoping college is as great as I’ve heard.


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