D.C. Trip Reflection by L.W.

When we went on our trip to Washington D.C., one memorial that really stood out to me was the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon. The memorial was made up of benches made of stone, each to represent a victim of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. If the bench was facing the Pentagon, the victim was on the plane, and if it was facing the opposite direction, the victim was inside of the building when the plane hit it. Underneath each bench was a small pool of water. Our tour guide said that the water represented eternal life. The names of the victims were carved onto the benches; each one had their own. They were lined up in order of youngest to oldest. The youngest victim was 3 years old, and the oldest was in his late 70’s. The memorial put me in a state of reverence. Even though I was very young, I remember hearing about it in preschool from my parents talking about it. I couldn’t help but think of the victims who were on the plane, and how it must have felt to wait for their near death. The youngest girl was a couple years older than me. That could have been me, or any one of my friends. I can’t imagine the pain their families went through, and are still going through today. The memorial was very peaceful and it gave me chills walking through there.



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