Life Long Learner

Yesterday I registered for my very first graduate class. I haven’t applied to grad school yet, although I do want to. I’m able to take a couple of classes as a non-degree student before applying. A friend of mine who knows how desperately I want to start my Masters gave me a little extra encouraging push.

The class I’m taking? Problems In Literacy: Assessment and Instruction. The course description says, “This course conceptualizes reading assessment as a process of becoming informed about learners. The course focuses on the development of diagnostic insights and corrective strategies for struggling readers of all ages. Current trends from research and practice are explored. Case studies and in-class practica help teachers implement effective procedures in the classroom.”

I’m really looking forward to this class for many reasons. First, I have been wanting to start my Masters for a very long time. Second, I love to learn and it will be great to be sitting in a classroom under an instructor I highly respect (I already know the instructor) with other teachers who are in different situations. Third, but not last, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to discuss how to assess readers  and to communicate that in a way that helps students.


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