Burden of Proof

I’ve been spending time looking at the foundational skills that Watershed School uses. I really like the idea of kids keeping a portfolio that demonstrates their competence in the foundational skills and the content area expectations. The proof of mastery lies on the student, not the teacher. I want to do this. I want to present my students with the standards and give them guidance, but have the burden of proof on them. They need to have a digital portfolio where they are posting the artifacts that demonstrate their learning. Parents can check that to see how their child is doing, rather than asking me. They can see for themselves.

I wonder if we could try to do this for third quarter? Each teacher can select the specific skills and content they want students to master and to be in the learning phase. They can set a base line of assignments, and then it is the students’ responsibility to meet the standards, to review their work with the teacher and determine their level of mastery, and then create their digital portfolio. At the conferences at the end of the quarter parents will be able to review the student’s work, and long with the student’s evaluation and the teacher’s evaluation. A true discussion of learning could take place.

Now I need to figure out what standards and portfolio pieces I would require for English!


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